Friday, February 20, 2009

Doom, Gloom, Zoom

The original seed idea for this triptych was my interest in how easy it was to depict human facial emotion with just three lines with an ink pen. That evolved to trying to deliberately capture different emotions.

The painting to the left is perhaps the face of despair, hopelessness. In the center may be melancholy, grief that passes. Maybe to the right is the face many of us present to the world. Look closely (see below) and you’ll see the horns.

As you can clearly see I never let a lack of talent or an abundance of enthusiasm get in the way of art. I apologize for the poor quality photos.


Ian said...

Probably showing gross ignorance, but why the horns?

And I like them; and agree the smile is what we like to show the world.

November In My Soul said...

The horns are the imp in all of us. We offer a smile to the world but have our own desires hiding behind.

I'm not sure if these are supposed to be phases of my life but this one is definetely me.

s-p said...

Cool! These are chapters of a book, you know. :)