Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Acid Kiss Of The Jellyfish

Life weary children roam the blue hills
On paths half hidden through the wild woods,
Across deep creeks, over sharp fences
Out running the demons at their heels.
The demons dance in the growing night.

Strengthened by hardship, hardened by pain
As night drops the deep valley darkens,
Mother’s voice carries down the dark holler
The porch light calls the blind moths home.
To home, home, the pain in the night.

Wading now in sleep's black pool
Today fading into yesterday,
Cadaverous King Nightmare awakens
Patient, waiting for dreams not yet dreamt.
Dreams of hope, hope in the night.

Without warning Her pain is loosed
Warm blankets yield, baring white flesh,
The wide black belt brings bloody red welts
Like the acid kiss of the jellyfish.
The merciless belt biting in the night.

We are the anvil for Her hammering rage
The legacy of all the wrong done to Her,
Beatings beyond measure on innocent flesh
Her father wielding a wire coat hanger.
Her father beating her in the night.

Don’t inflict wounds they only fester,
Rotting into scars that won’t ever heal.
Don’t leave your children
Don’t leave your children
Don’t leave your children
Trapped in the cold night.